HCI - Nepal's most trusted civil society organization seeks national and international support to help provide relief to, and to rehabilitate ordinary Nepal is suffering in the wake of the deadly earthquake. HCI is a youth volunteer driven organization that works to build inclusion and resilience in Nepali society and economy. It works with several government, non-government and private sector organizations to fulfill its mission.

Do not hassle us dear government. We want to grow.

On the road-It is a moonless night. In pitch dark we are stuck in a traffic jam on broken streets crisscrossing each other in our old antiquated cars? We see flashy cars in nearby lanes driving at nec... Continue reading »


Relief work reaches the earthquake sufferers at Lalitpur district

3 May 2015: Volunteers at Lubu, Sankhadevi distributed the resources to 50 people from 11 families. Volunteers did not hesitate to climb the long cliffs along with hundreds of kilos of rice and other resources to reach the earthquake sufferers. Around 10 volunteers at Lubu co-operated with the community people in order to allocate the re...


Volunteer provides the relief hands to the sufferers at Khokana

3 May 2015: Pictures and News from Khokana village in Nepal show that massive earthquake did even more damage in rural areas than it to the capital, Kathmandu. With the leadership of Hardik Subedi (one of the Gen volunteers), 11 other volunteers cleaned the Bungmati area of Khokana. Volunteers reached and cleaned the area clearin...


Gen Nep volunteers reached Dharmasthali to provide relief to the earth quake victims

2 May 2015: Gen Nep volunteers covered Dharmathali of Jitpur VDC area to provide relief to the earth quake affected people. Volunteers collected the basic food (Rice, Daal, Beaten Rice, Biscuits, and Noodles) water, sanitary pads for the homeless victims of the quake. Volunteers engaged themselves in distributing the resources without th...