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We are a non-profit organization on a mission to help develop Nepali economy in inclusive and climate-smart ways.
We do it by Finding Smart Solutions, making them sustainable and scaling them up. Join us.

Do not hassle us dear government. We want to grow.

On the road-It is a moonless night. In pitch dark we are stuck in a traffic jam on broken streets crisscrossing each other in our old antiquated cars? We see flashy cars in nearby lanes driving at nec... Continue reading »

Long Wait for Liberation- by Pramod Bhagat

  Najarana Khatun , of Rajbiraj-7, Saptari, succumbed to severe burn injuries on 9 March. She was allegedly burnt on International Women’s day (IWD), a special day dedicated to women. “Equality for Women is progress for all” was the official United Nations theme ... Continue reading »

Plastic, not so fantastic- by Asweena Tuladhar

It was a cold morning. I didn’t really feel like getting out of bed, but I had classes to get to, so I forced myself to my feet, got dressed and left the house. When I got to Jamal, a pungent smell caught my attention. I looked around to see where it could’ve been c... Continue reading »