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HCI is a youth-driven and solution-oriented Nepali civil society organisation. It delivers impact by incubating and sustaining social-entrepreneurial initiatives. All actions of HCI remain geared towards building inclusion and resilience in Nepali society and economy. Join us.


A fun-filled day with Taiwani volunteers

2 February 2016: Around 23 Taiwani volunteers arrived at HCI Social Enterprise Section on the second week of February, 2016 with an objective of spending a day volunteering and learning along with the youth engaged in various solution-driven initiatives. Upon their visit, they were given the brief introduction about all the HCI i...


HCI's Board meets in the beginning of the year 2016

14 January 2016: Board Members of Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) met to discuss on further strategic plans of the organization, gave their inputs to effectively execute various sustainable programs and projects of HCI. In the meeting held at the Social Enterprise Center (SEC) in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, the Board Members were ...


More than twenty six thousand kilograms of plastic waste send to a recycling plant in India

30 January 2016: Total of twenty six thousand two hundred and twenty kilogramsof plastic wastes (PET bottles) were successfully send to a recycling plant (Ganesha Ecosphere) in India by Nagar Mitra - Friends of the City on end of January. Nagar Mitra - Friends of the City is the only social enterprise in Nepal who is legal...