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Relief resources distributed to the victims of Rauta Basi

26 May 2015: A group of 8 National volunteers visited Rauta Basi, Nuwakot on 26th May with an objective of distributing the relief resources to the earthquake victims residing at Nuwakot. Volunteers managed to distribute the resources to total of 400 families (a total of 1500 people). Volunteers allocated the resources...


Langtang survivors camp out at Swoyambhu

25 May 2015: Earthquake and Avalanche devastated Langtang village beyond recognition on April 25 killing at least 175 local residents as well as 120 tourists and their porters. Four hundred and eighty eight survivors are camping in the premises of Yellow Gumba monastery near Namgyal Chowk in Swoyambhu. Climate Alliance for Himala...

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Post earthquake economic recovery plan presented by Confederation of Nepalese Industries

24 May 2015: Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) presented Guidelines for Transit Shelter, a national policy document for Nepal and presented a post earthquake economic recovery plan in response to the earthquake of 25th April 2015 at a press meet held at Everest Hotel on Sunday.   President of CNI, Mr. Nar...