Jalabayu Anukul

Climate Adapt- Jalabayu Anukul Social Enterprise makes Nepal’s business establishments environment friendly and climate- smart. The enterprise has developed a three-pillar model of Climate Smartness, namely, Climate Awareness, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation.

Economic Viability: The bene ciary companies/of ces/ schools pay for the cost of efforts made, and therefore keep the Not-For-Pro t Social Enterprise economically

The enterprise engages with the partner organization to
assess their environmental footprint, and recommends improvements and monitors them. There is already a partnership enacted with one of the largest cement viable. manufacturers of Nepal.

Just like every other strata of the society and economy, climate change threatens Nepal’s budding industries too. This program works with leading private sector companies in selective industries to help them get Climate Smart.

Prashant Singh, Founder, HCI

HCI, with its climate smart initiative, has made an effort to make Nepali industries environment friendly, which is beneficial to the company as well as the society and people living around. Following the recommendations made after assessment, Ghorai Cement Industries is proud to be ‘Jalabayu Anukul’.

Aditya Sanghai, Director, Ghorai Cement Industry