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PET Recollection at GIZ INCLUDE

PET Recollection at GIZ INCLUDE

GIZ INCLUDE office is a Plastic Bags free workplace. Now, it has also started PET Bottles recollection within its premises. It was a pleasant surprise to be part of initiation of their PET Bottle Recollection. The money collected from selling of PET bottles will be contributed towards supporting education of children living along Bagmati River.

The PET Bottles have been collected by PET Bottle Recollection Social Enterprise. The bottles collected today are the first batch of PET bottles that the enterprise has collected.

This Social Enterprise, designed and managed by HCI, that has been set up to collect the PET bottles from waste workers, key clients and other places with the intention of improving waste worker’s quality of life, providing them respectable and fair-priced working environment

GIZ is one of the key clients of PET Bottle Recollection Social Enterprise from where the enterprise buys PET bottles in a reasonable price and also provides them a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Certificate valuing their contribution in the conversation of environment.

After the collection of the PET bottles, the enterprise separates the bottles on the basis of size and color of the bottles. It then, bales the collected PET bottles into transportable small squares and finally makes the bottles available to various recycling companies within Nepal and also exports to India through a legal channel.