Updates In Detail

PET site construction in progress

PET site construction in progress

The construction in PET field office in Maharajgunj is in the final stage of completion. A bare land of 3 ropanees has turned into a beautiful office area which is rich of trees and greenery. A collection area has been separated to keep the bottles collected from various hotels, restaurants and banquet centers who are our key clients. The PET bottles that we buy from the waste workers are also kept in the same area.

 There’s also a separate area for sorting and bailing of the PET bottles where a bailing machine has been placed. Our sisters with less formal education work in this area for the sorting of the bottles and the bottles are bailed into easily transportable square bales which we make available to different recycling companies.

The office room for PET staffs is also getting ready. Our Gen Nep volunteers have made a playground in the site for the children of women who are engaged in sorting of the bottles. They have also painted trees and made the area beautiful. The volunteers will plant trees and help in gardening of the area once the office building construction is completed.

A group of volunteers from Taiwan visited PET field office on 3rd July. They were very excited to see the initiative taking its shape.