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Sadbhaw Shikshya to Nagar Mitras and their children

Sadbhaw Shikshya to Nagar Mitras and their children

1 December 2014:

A total philanthropic initiative Sadbhaw Shikshya has been started by Himalayan Climate Initiative. Under its dual goal, Sadbhaw Shikshya on one hand aims to make the women Nagar Mitras literate and on the other, provides extra classes to the children of Nagar Mitras to help them enhance their knowledge and skills.

As the initial start up, seven women Nagar Mitras working at the waste segregation center in Dhalku, Kathmandu are being taught at the center itself. Likewise, classes for children are conducted inside the premises of Community Resource Center of Samyaukta Sarsafaai Jagaran , at Teku, Kathmandu.

A group of passionate volunteers of The Gen Nep-Nation First are taking one hour long classes for both the groups every day. Two volunteers a day are engaged in teaching. The beneficiaries have also been provided with stationeries like copies and pencils.

“Nagar Mitra”, is a terminology to informal waste workers for their respectful identity and social recognition. The program, Nagar Mitra – ‘Friends of the city’ is fully focused on improving health, economic status, social status and capacity/skill building of Nagar Mitras is currently in a rapid phase of development. A new concept is initiated under this program, “Sadbhaw Literacy Campaign - a concept of literacy, where all the Nagar Mitras and their children are able to read and write and stand up in this society with head held high.


The energetic learners, who have already crossed the so called “learning age”, are now getting this chance to fulfill their desire.  One among them, Parbati Limbu, a 53 year old woman sitting in a class of six members at her working area is a very active student. Puzzled up with her life long struggle, she never got time for herself- the time to grow and to test herself with different opportunities that she could have had at her early stage of life. The only regret she has is that she couldn’t read and write during her time. Nevertheless, she still has not let the enthusiasm and craves to fade away from her life. This was out- front when our volunteers started the informal classes at their working area itself: Dhalku Scrap Center.