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Hamri Bahini- Biodegradable Green Shopping Bags is a social initiative to provide alternatives to harmful plastic shopping bags side by side creating green jobs to less formally educated Nepali women.

Recent News


September strikes on with the soft- opening of ‘Hamri Bahini Ko Pasal’

27 September 2015: The much awaited ‘Hamri Bahini ko Pasal’ has been sofly launched at the end of September. The store showcase mainly environment-freindly products which are made by less educated, however skillful didi/bahinis. Dif...


Teej celebration program for Didi-Bahinis at Himalayan Climate Initiative

12 September 2015: Didis and Bahinis associated with Hamri Bahini were invited to Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) to celebrate Haritalika Teej few days prior to the actual festive day. "Inorder to create a special bond amon...


Didi-bahinis (sisters) associated Hamri Bahini trained to stitch designer apparels

3 September 2015: Hamri Bahini Social Enterprise expanded its horizon from bag making to a different contour of stitching and designing. Didi-Bahinis associated with Hamri Bahini were provided two months training on sewing/cutting/making te...


A workshop on menstrual cups for HCI female staffs

24 August 2015: Every one of us has issues in using sanitary pads and tampons after every few hours during our menstrual periods. An hour long workshop was organized for the female staffs of HCI in order to orient them regarding the menstrual cups- the Ruby Cups. ...