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Hamri Bahini is a Women Empowerment Movement fuelled by Social Enterprise. Join the movement.

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Recent News


Hamri Bahini participates in Christmas Bazar

12 December 2015: Christmas Bazaar which is organized yearly on the month of December, this time also has been organized in different places by different people/organizations. Hamri Bahini participated in such four Christmas Bazars at Hyaat Regency, GIZ office premises, Artisan Christmas bazar at BAC Bikalpa Art Center (Pulchowk)...


Hamri Bahini goes ORANGE

25 November 2015: In support of the worldwide campaign ‘UNiTE to End Violence against Women’ Hamri Bahini has gone Orange. Hamri Bahini which has been running Green Social enterprises, empowering many less educated and disadvantaged Nepali women, advoc...


‘Hamri Bahini Ko Pasal’ open from September

27 September 2015: The much awaited ‘Hamri Bahini ko Pasal’ is for public from the end of September. The store showcase mainly environment-freindly products which are made by less educated, however skillful didi/bahinis. Different c...


Teej celebration program for Didi-Bahinis at Himalayan Climate Initiative

12 September 2015: Didis and Bahinis associated with Hamri Bahini were invited to Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) to celebrate Haritalika Teej few days prior to the actual festive day. "Inorder to create a special bond amon...